We Are Fishing


Nets are the basic tool for fishing by boat and target all kinds of fish. Yannis will throw the nets in the sea at the previous night and he will start gathering them at 6.30 in the morning. With his instructions we will learn how to remove the fishes from the nets and how to place them on ice to keep them fresh.


The longline is a kind of fishing with a line that has many hooks. Yannis will put the appropriate bait, depending on the season, and in the morning he will pick up the long line on the boat. He will show us the technique for picking up the longline and how to get the fishes out of the hooks.

Pole / line / handline

If you do not like morning awakening, these options are for you. You can fish at any time of the day with these techniques, either in the morning or in the afternoon, while enjoying the sunset. Yannis will teach us the secrets of the technique we choose, in order to achieve the best possible result.

We Cook

Dimitra is the wife of Yannis and loves the sea and fishing. She’s an excellent cook, who will make you love what she’s going to prepare for you. She will offer you a traditional island meal with splendid flavors, which you will enjoy and will be unforgettable. The menu varies depending on the fishes and may include kakavia (fish soup), giouvetsi (baked) octopus, salad and savory fish.


We Stroll

The aim of our fishing trip is not only to gain knowledge about fishing and ensuring our lunch, but also to escape from everyday life through a wonderful summer activity. You will leave behind any ordinary or boring thought, living a unique experience with strolls and swimming in crystal waters and enchanting beaches.

We Train

Yannis’s many years of experience in all kinds of fishing and under any circumstances, make him an ideal teacher for anyone wishing to learn the secrets of fishing. Whatever level of knowledge you have in fishing, after Yannis’s advices you will have acquired unique knowledge and experience.

We Guide

Along with your fishing experience, you will visit various sights of the island and Yannis will tell you the history of the place through the traditions and customs of the area, which have survived over the years and have come to our days. In general, Cyclades, and especially Amorgos, have a long and interesting history that will fascinate you.